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Clem and Doreen’s family is still deeply rooted in Prince Edward Island. Clem and Doreen are enjoying retired life while keeping busy volunteering, travelling, keeping active and spending time with the family.

Pam lives and teaches in Sarnia, Ontario. She enjoys a busy life with friends sailing, playing volleyball, travelling and is fortunate to get home to the Island often. “Our family is a whirlwind of activity”

Pierre and Misun have made their home in Seoul, South Korea. Pierre continues to teach English. Their children Kailyn and Ryan are blessed to be able to celebrate both their Korean and Canadian Heritage.

Marc is constantly on the go, currently spending time between Alberta and PEI. All of us in the family benefit from his carpentry skills from time to time. His son Patrick is following in his footsteps, working construction out West, spending time in Toronto and when he can, PEI.

Julie and David, Mya and Max are a whirlwind of activity. At home in Summerside, they spend lots of time at the arena and sports fields.

Jane and her fiancé Stephane also make Summerside, PEI home. They are the foodies of the family and together they always seem to have a Modern Jane home renovation project on the go. Gaby, Justin and Sabrina round out the family.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone at the reunion.